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Landscape Curbing - Learn More....

Landscape curbing, also known as landscape edging, landscape borders, decorative curbing, and concrete edging is a continuous concrete border that is typically placed around flower beds, trees, driveways, walkways and mailboxes, etc.  The addition of landscape edging can change the entire appearance of your landscape design.  Additionally, concrete landscape edging is a great way to keep the mulch and rock in, while accentuating your flowerbeds giving your landscape design a nice flow.  The appearance can be as simple as a plain gray concrete landscape edging or as elegant as designer decorative curbing.  

There are typically 3 types of do-it-yourself borders that may be purchased at a hardware store which are either made of wood, plastic, or individual concrete pieces.  These do not make for an aesthetically appealing landscape design, nor are they as elegant as landscape edging.  Also, unfortunately the wood will eventually rot and splinter, the plastic will either dry rot or break, and the individual concrete pieces will either be pushed down, moved over, or broken, and since they are not connected, weeds will grow up between them creating additional work for you.

We provide a fiber reinforced concrete landscape edging that is poured on site, is continuous without gaps thus not allowing for weeds to grow through, and comes in a variety of styles and colors that as stated above, can either be a plain gray concrete edging or a decorative curb. This maintenance free landscape edging will create a smooth flowing landscape design while allowing you to spend more time on other projects.

Decorative Concrete - Learn More....

Decorative concrete is typically available in two options….as fresh poured concrete that is transformed as it is being installed giving the effect of stamped concrete or stenciled concrete, and as a topcoat that is installed over an existing concrete surface, affecting the look after the fact.  Examples of decorative concrete top coats are stamped overlay, spray coat or stenciled concrete and a recoat broom finish.

Determining the best solution for your particular project can be either really exciting or really confusing, as we have several options to choose from.  Let our years of expertise guide and help you figure it out.  The first step would be determining if you are having fresh poured decorative concrete installed or a decorative concrete overlay.  From that point, the estimator will survey the area checking for problem areas that may need to be addressed.  Finally, the estimator can show you your options whether it be stenciled concrete, stamped concrete or another option. 

Depending on the surface, your interest, and your budget, we can do something as simple as a decorative concrete paint, or as involved as a fresh poured decorative concrete pool deck.


RubberDek: This is an EPDM rubber resurfacing product that is installed typically at ¼ inch over existing concrete, wood, fiberglass and more, creating a safe non-slip surface, which is ideal for pool safety. RubberDek is an alternative to “concrete” resurfacing products as it can be installed over virtually any surface including distressed areas. EPDM rubber has been installed commercially on playgrounds and play areas for over 30 years, and we have brought Rubberdek to the residential market allowing homeowners to enjoy the same benefits that this unique concrete resurfacing product has to offer.

Since the introduction of Rubberdek in 2007, we have had a great response to this innovative resurfacing alternative. Parents who are concerned with pool safety, businesses that are concerned with slip and fall areas, and even homeowners that just wanted to get rid of their cracks in the concrete have called on us to install Rubberdek on their decks. Due to the flexibility properties of the rubber, it is ideal for problem areas that would generally cause other concrete resurfacing products to fall apart. And since Rubberdek is softer than concrete, it is great for patios, play areas and pool decks. You can even drive on it.

Rubberdek is available in 20 colors and can be custom blended creating thousands of color combination possibilities. Custom designs and logos can also be created upon request.  A typical Rubberdek installation will be ¼ inch, but can be built up to several inches depending on your needs. Whether you are tired of seeing your cracks in your patio, would like to cover your pavers, are concerned about slip and fall areas, or would just like to make your pool safer for your family, Rubberdek may be your solution. Additionally, we offer a 10 year warranty on residential Rubberdek installations. To see if this rubber resurfacing product is right for you, please visit our Orlando showroom, or let our estimator show you your options. Should you decide to choose this coating, you will also need to choose your colors from the RubberDek Color Chart. Upon completion of the job, you should wait 48 hrs before walking on the surface.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our office, or view our benefits or frequently asked questions page.

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