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Do you give free estimates?  Yes.  Just contact us via phone, email or with the request estimate form, and we will arrange for someone to come and meet with you to discuss your options.

Do you have a show room?  Yes.  We pride ourselves on our reputation.  We are not a company that is here today and gone tomorrow.  We are here to stay.  See the contact us page for the address and map.

How soon can we have the project scheduled?  As we are in high demand, we will do our best to fit you in as soon as possible.  You will be completely informed along the way as to the schedule, progress, and completion of the job.

Will the crews leave my property a mess?  When our crews show up, you will see them preparing the surrounding areas as to protect them from possible damage.  At the end of the job, the crew will walk the perimeter of the worksite and remove all garbage, masking, and other prep materials, leaving only the finished project.

If I have a pre-existing topping or sealer, does that have to be removed first?  Absolutely yes.  Most companies will just go over the existing surface either to avoid doing the removal, trying to underbid competitors by not having that charge, or just to do whatever it takes to get the job.  In our experience, there will be a bonding issue down the road and your deck will start to crack, peel or delaminate.  Unfortunately the other company will already have moved on.  We recommend getting back to the original concrete, either chemically or mechanically.  Your new surface will only be as good as what it is going over.

How long will the job take?  Landscape curbing jobs are typically completed in one day.  However all decorative concrete applications, depending on the size of the job, preparation needed, and application chosen, the job could take from 2 to 5 days, and in some cases even more.

What happens if I have a pool coping or door in the way?  If there is an area that will create a problem if we go over the top of it due to height, we will grind down the area recessing the concrete, allowing for the buildup of material without effecting the level of the finished surface.

How soon before I can walk or drive on my new surface?  Generally the surface should be sealed for 2 days prior to walking on it, and 3 days prior to driving on it.

How long before I need to reseal my new concrete?  Here in Florida, a reseal should not be needed from 3 to 5 years depending on ware.  However, if you would like it to be sealed sooner, this can be arranged for a service charge, or we can instruct you on how to do it yourself.

Will the colors fade?  Because of efflorescence in concrete, which is a whitening effect due to mineral within the concrete, the colors could turn a slight shade lighter.  This should not be a drastic change and in some cases, not noticeable enough to cause alarm.

Will the old cracks come back?  There is a slight chance that preexisting cracks will reappear.  However, we take all possible measures to prevent this from happening.  For this reason, we are unable to warranty cracks.

What does the warranty cover?  Depending on which application is chosen, the use of the property and the condition of the concrete, the warranty may differ.  The estimator will be glad to discuss this at the time of the estimate or you can see some basic information on the warranty page.

Don't see your question? Please contact us by phone or drop us a note on our contact page.

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